Hey, there!

Whether you are here to warm up cold feet, level up your style or just looking for sustainable socks, we are glad you found us!

As a new brand on the market we have loads of ideas to make real, but first things first. OVER THE ANKLE is a fresh lifestyle brand that wants socks to be your most important accessory. We think that adding something simple but cool to your feet is such a statement, and it shows that you are fun even if you have to wear a suit to work. Or a dress with sneakers. Or even when you wear them with your slides. These socks are for people who think and live outside the box, and they are way too awesome to hide under your garms.

Organic cotton we use in our products has GOTS-certificate which is international proof for organic textile. All products carrying GOTS logos contain the credible assurance of organic origin of the product, as well as environmentally and socially responsible processing. Products made of organic cotton are soft, durable and a great investment to the environment and your own health.

Note that having our socks on, you clean your floors more often, cause You don't want them to get dirty :)


Be socksessful!