The Birth of "Over the Ankle"

Hey there, cool cats!

I'm Kaarel, the adventure-hungry photographer and video wizard with a story to tell. Picture this: Bali, a tropical paradise bursting with creativity and contagious vibes. For three amazing months, I soaked in the artistic energy that surrounded me, and it set my soul on fire.

Now, let's fast forward to the plot twist—enter COVID-19, turning our lives into a rollercoaster ride. I found myself back in Estonia, brainstorming about life and, you guessed it, socks. Yep, socks!

It dawned on me that something was amiss, something that had been nagging at me even while I roamed the vibrant streets of the world. It was that unmistakable sea of white Nike socks – the same old, same old, adorning feet everywhere I turned. It hit me like a lightning bolt, a realization so simple yet profound: it was high time to break the mold and stand out from the crowd.

Turns out, Estonia was missing something—snazzy, planet-loving socks! And that's where idea of "Over the Ankle" was born. Picture stylish socks that not only look rad but also cover your ankles with flair. That's right, the name says it all!

Let's make one thing clear; this isn't about hating on Nike or any brand. It's about celebrating diversity, about wanting to be different in a world where uniformity often takes center stage. We've all been there. Ever felt like you're blending into the background, dressing just like your neighbor, sister, or aunty, with those all-too-common styles? Yeah, i know. But, oh boy, I was on a mission to change that. I craved diversity and individuality. I yearned for socks that made a statement, socks that shouted, "I'm different, and I'm proud of it!" So, with that fiery desire to break free from the monotony, I set out to create something extraordinary.

But oh boy, there was a lot to do, designing all those socks, packages and creating a webpage? Huge challenge! Sleepless nights, endless designs, and testing out various manufacturers to get the perfect quality. All driven by the obsession to bring you guys the coolest socks in town.

And guess what? After a journey filled with trials and triumphs, I found the dream manufacturer. Quality? Check! Style? Check! Eco-friendly? Double check! Organic cotton became our superhero fabric, saving the day for both you and Mother Earth.


With "Over the Ankle," we're not just about socks; we're about redefining your style narrative. We're here to champion uniqueness, to sprinkle a little bit of quirkiness into your everyday look. Our socks aren't just an accessory; they're a statement, a declaration that you're done with blending in and ready to dance to your own beat.

So, gear up, because "Over the Ankle" is here to transform your sock game. The world is about to see a new, stylish, and vibrant you, one sock at a time.

Before we wrap it up, we want to say a massive thank you for joining the "Over the Ankle" family and diving into our very first blog post! Your enthusiasm and support mean the world to us. We're stoked to have you along for the ride as we journey through the exciting world of socks, style, and sustainability.

Catch you on the flip side!

Peace, love, and ankle-high vibes,


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