Because comfort shouldn’t come at the cost of the environment.

Fashion footprint is tremendous and using organic cotton helps us to sleep better at night. It is our first big step in the process of bringing the change into the world. But the environment is not our only concern. We care about you too, human!

Our skin is a big deal. Literally. It’s the largest organ in the body and needs to be taken care of. We know that eating organic food is beneficial, so why not keep more organic products closer to your skin?

It’s true that organic cotton costs three times as much as conventional cotton. It is handpicked which means that fibers don’t get broken or weakened resulting in more durable and softer products. Therefore we see it as an investment to our own health and environment.

Organic cotton means naturally cultivated cotton without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides or transgenic technology. Organic cotton is made using natural beneficial insects and its production sustains the health of soils and ecosystems.

Organic cotton we use for our products has GOTS-certificate. GOTS means The Global Organic Textile Standard which is international proof for organic textile. All products carrying GOTS logos contain the credible assurance of organic origin of the product, as well as environmentally and socially responsible processing. The entire organic supply chain is covered, from harvesting to manufacturing and trading, delivering credible assurance to end consumers.

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Let our footprints on Earth be footprints of kindness!